Fares Kameli is the director of the technological area of one of the executive masters in CIFF based in ICT Security, also José Miguel Andrinal y Pedro Garcia, CEO and Operations Strategy Consultant at Activiax, will be trainers too.



Activiax happens to be one of the members of TIC Consulting Services, an enterprise group dedicated to provide a complete set of services for companies.

José Miguel Andrinal y Fares Kameli are honored by being trainers of Project Management, Risk assesment and Decission taken in the Athens Programme sessions of Madrid

Activiax appears in the special number dedicated to new technologies of La Vanguardia

Fares Kameli (Strategy consultant) is honored by Preside the conference of Marcus Evans in BPM

An article by Jose Miguel Andrinal (CEO) is selected to be presented in the congress CollECTeR Iberoamérica 2007