Our services are focused in the following areas:

  • IT & TELCO Network infrastructures:

    We are suppliers of solutions that adapt totally to the necessities of our clients. Including the Quality and suitable documentation delivery in each case.

    Our supply of solutions covers all the requirements of the client: Analysis, Consultancy, Design, Performance review, Process Management and Maintenance

    As well, we are able to assume projects of great spread thanks to our collaboration agreements and our experience in Enterprise projects
  • Business analysis and Technological clonsultancy:

    ACTIVIAX is focussed on strategical and enterprise consultancy offering effective solutions for the management, organization and improvement in the productive processes of our clients.

    ACTIVIAX have a poll of professionals, highly qualified, who make available to our clients all their experience, methodology and knowledge.

    Our commitment and the quality of our partners and collaborators are resisted, and our profiles will be to disposition of our clients
  • IT & Data security advisory. Regulation compliance analysis:

    • Network and application security
    • Physical security
    • Security udit
    • Legislation and Regulation

  • Business Process Management.BPM and Organizational consultancy:
    The re-engineering of processes affects all the company; originated by the technical areas and on the basis of cost reduction, working close with RRHH to fit the company to the reality of its business:

    • Technology
    • HHRR
    • Finance and controlling
    • Logistics
    • Purchases, contracts and suppliers (Purchasing)
    • Regulations and Q&A

  • Project Management.:

    ACTIVIAX is specialized in the Project Management process.

    ACTIVIAX makes the search of the alliances and professionals to directly carry out the objectives of the projects supporting itself in an ample network of contacts of people in active-duty and in students of Universitary scope.

  • Research and Training:

    • Training services
    • High level conferences.(E.G. Marcus Evans, Athens Programme, etc.)
    • Collaboration in Ressearch and Development Universitary projects.

  • Marketing 2.0:

    • Development of Marketing 2.0 plans